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M01 - Innovation Project Model ?

M02 - Oil platform ?

- +

M03 - Energy storage ?

- +

M04 - Solar farm ?

- +

M05 - Smart grid ?

M06 - Hybrid car ?

M07 - Wind turbine ?

- +

M08 - Watch television ?

M09 - Dinosaur toy ?

M10 - Power plant ?

- +

M11 - Hydroelectric dam ?

M12 - Water reservoir ?

- + - +

M13 - Power-to-X ?

- +

M14 - Toy factory ?

- +

M15 - Rechargeable battery ?

- +

M16 - Precision tokens ?

About the missions

M01 - Innovation Project Model

This model should represent the solution to your Innovation Project.

Deliver your Innovation Project model to the hydrogen plant target area.

Design and bring a single Innovation Project model of your own to the match. To score, it must:

M02 - Oil platform

Oil is a non-renewable energy source that can be used to provide fuel for vehicles.

Pump the oil so that the fuel units load into the fuel truck, and then deliver the fuel truck to the fueling station.

M03 - Energy storage

New technologies help us to store energy. Volcanic rocks can be heated in an insulated enclosure to store energy until it is needed.

Load energy units into the energy storage bin and then release the stored energy unit from the tray under the model.

All energy units stored in the energy storage bin may not be touching team equipment at the end of the match.

M04 - Solar farm

Solar energy can be stored using new concentrating solar power technologies and then used to generate electricity.

Start the distribution of the energy units by moving them off their positions on the mat.

M05 - Smart grid

Smart grids use electricity generated from all the different energy sources and distribute it to the consumer where and when it is needed.

Raise your field’s orange connector to complete the smart grid connection with the opposite field.

M06 - Hybrid car

Hybrid cars use a combination of energy sources and can recharge or refuel at the fueling station.

Recharge the hybrid car by inserting the hybrid unit into the car.

M07 - Wind turbine

Renewable energy from the wind is used to turn the turbine blades and generate electricity.

Release the energy units from the wind turbine.

M08 - Watch television

Energy consumption in our homes is part of everyday life, such as watching the television.

Raise the television screen and move the energy unit to the television slot.

The watch television model and the energy unit in the green television slot may not be touching team equipment at the end of the match.

M09 - Dinosaur Toy

Electronic devices like toys require energy to work. Rechargeable batteries are a more sustainable choice than disposable batteries.

Insert an energy unit or a rechargeable battery into the dinosaur toy to make it work.

M10 - Power plant

Demand for energy is very high, and many different energy sources can be used to meet that demand.

Release the three energy units from the power plant.

M11 - Hydroelectric dam

Water released from the reservoir turns the turbine wheel to generate electricity.

Send the water unit from the top of the hydroelectric dam into the turbine wheel to release the energy unit.

M12 - Water reservoir

Water from the river above the dam is stored in the reservoir. Water from lower down the river can also be pumped back up to fill the reservoir at times when there is excess electricity to use.

Place the looped water units from the river above and below the dam into the water reservoir or onto the red hooks.

The loop on the looped water unit may extend out of the water reservoir.

Looped water units in the water reservoir or on red hooks may not be touching team equipment at the end of the match

M13 - Power-to-X

Surplus renewable energy can be used to convert water into hydrogen gas that can be stored in tanks until it is needed.

Deliver energy units to the hydrogen plant target area.

M14 - Toy factory

Factories use large amounts of energy to make the products we use such as toys.

Deliver energy units to the toy factory bin and release the mini dinosaur toy.

Energy units stored in the toy factory may not be touching team equipment at the end of the match.

M15 - Rechargeable battery

Power can be stored in batteries, but it takes a lot of energy to produce them.

Deliver energy units to the rechargeable battery target area.

The rechargeable battery is not an energy unit.

Energy units stored in the rechargeable battery target area may not be touching team equipment at the end of the match.

M16 - Precision tokens

You begin the match with six precision tokens worth 50 free points. The referee holds onto them. If you interrupt the robot outside of home, the referee removes one token. You keep points for the number of remaining tokens at the end of the match. If the number remaining is:
1: 10 / 2: 15 / 3: 25 / 4: 35 / 5: 50 / 6: 50

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