M01 - Innovation Project ?

M02 - Step Counter ?

M03 - Slide ?

M04 - Bench ?

- +

M05 - Basketball ?

M06 - Pull-up Bar ?

M07 - Robot Dance ?

M08 - Boccia ?

- +

M09 - Tire Flip ?

M10 - Cell Phone ?

M11 - Treadmill ?

M12 - Row Machine ?

M13 - Weight Machine ?

M14 - Health Units ?

- + - +

M15 - Precision ?

About the missions

M01 - Innovation Project

The robot moves your Innovation Project onto the RePLAY logo or the gray area around the bench (M04).

If your Innovation Project:

Build and bring a single model that represents your solution to the Innovation Project. The one shown here is just an example. CAUTION: Your Innovation Project counts as equipment. Building of your Innovation Project model is suggested in Session 9 in the Engineering Notebook. Read rule R01 and all the rules carefully and often so you can avoid surprises at competitions.

M02 - Step Counter

The robot slides the step counter slow and steady. The farther the "walk," the better.

Example pointer positions:

M03 - Slide

The robot slides the people (called "slide figures") down the slide and moves them to other areas.

"Off the slide" scores if the slide figure’s black frame is past/below the tip of the slide’s gray slide part. Notice the score for two slide figures off is 20, not 25.

M04 - Bench

The robot removes the backrest, flattens the bench, and gets cubes into the hopscotch spaces

M05 - Basketball

The robot raises the crate up the post and gets a cube into it.

Only one cube can score in the crate. Score top height or middle height, not both.

M06 - Pull-Up Bar

The robot passes completely under the bar any time. Separately, it is held off the mat by the bar at the end of the match.

A "pass through" can score northward or southward, but only one way and only one time. A “pass through” scores at the time it happens. This is a rule R22 exception

For the "held up" score, you cannot score this and M07 in the same match.

M07 - Robot Dance

The robot is dancing on the dance floor at the end of the match.

Any silly or skilled repetitive action counts as dancing – do something fun! For M07, you cannot score this plus the "held up" score from M06 in the same match.

M08 - Boccia

Boccia is an interactive mission with the opposing team. Talk with the other team so the robots send matching colored cubes onto the opposite field.

If there is equipment even partly in your frame, M08 scores zero for you (the opposing team is not affected).

If, like most teams, you have only your one practice table, your sent cube will simply go over your north wall during practice.

(Study the scoring examples as if both share models did share only one cube.)

M09 - Tire Flip

The robot flips tires so their white centers face up and moves them into their large target circle.

If the heavy tire crosses the red flip line at any time, even partly, it scores zero. The flip line runs all the way north to south. Only part of it is shown.

M10 - Cell Phone

The robot flips the cell phone white side up.

M11 - Treadmill

The robot spins the rollers to move the pointer as far clockwise as possible.

If a position is not clear, imagine a needle at the end of the pointer. The edge of a color counts as that color. If the robot moves the pointer by touching the pointer, M11 scores zero.

M12 - Row Machine

The robot moves the free wheel out of the large circle and into the small target circle.

If the free wheel is:

M13 - Weight Machine

Before the match, you hand select the machine’s lever setting. During the match, the robot moves the lever until the little yellow stopper falls

Before the match starts, you slide the lever where you want, with the stopper on top. This is an exception to rule R12. The lever setting is the color under the east face of the east green bar.

M14 - Health Units

The robot collects health units from around the field and moves them to target areas.

If health units are:

M15 - Precision

The less often you interrupt the robot outside home, the more points you keep.

See rules R05, R15, R16, and R19

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