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M01 - 3D cinema ?

M02 - Theater scene change ?

M03 - Immersive experience ?

M04 - Masterpiece™ ?

M05 - Augmented reality statue ?

M06 - Music concert lights and sounds ?

M07 - Hologram performer ?

M08 - Rolling camera ?

M09 - Movie set ?

M10 - Sound mixer ?

- +

M11 - Light show ?

M12 - Virtual reality artist ?

M13 - Craft creator ?

M14 - Audience delivery ?

- + - +

M15 - Expert delivery ?

- +

M16 - Precision tokens ?

About the missions

M01 - 3D cinema

3D technology adds depth and interactivity to the cinema experience, making it more enjoyable.

Trigger the 2D cinema screen to become a 3D experience.

M02 - Theater scene change

Mechanical technology can support a theater performance by seamlessly changing the scenery, keeping the audience focused on the story.

Change the scenery to a different configuration, and consider what the other team will do so that you end with matching scenes.

Teams may activate only their own model.

It is not possible to earn the bonus in remote competitions or if there is no opposing team.

M03 - Immersive experience

Immersing viewers so they are surrounded by the art allows them to experience and appreciate it in new ways.

Trigger the immersive experience for the viewer in the model.

To score, team equipment may not be touching the immersive experience model at the end of the match.

M04 - Masterpiece™

What makes something art? Create an amazing art piece worthy of being displayed in a museum.

You can use the bricks in Bag 4 to build your team's LEGO® art piece. Bring it to the match and then deliver it on the pedestal to the museum.

M05 - Augmented reality statue

Augmented reality transforms a piece of art into an experience.

Rotate the statue to reveal an augmented reality experience.

M06 - Music concert lights and sounds

Visual and audio effects make a powerful impact and can be used to help the audience focus on different parts of the performance.

Set up the music concert by switching on the lights and sound.

M07 - Hologram performer

Innovative audiovisual technology can bring new characters to life through the use of holograms.

Set the stage for the hologram performer to start the show.

M08 - Rolling camera

Getting a camera into exactly the right position to capture a shot requires a lot of precise movement and great communication with the actors

Release the camera down the track to shoot the movie scene.

if the white pointer is on a colored tile, you earn points for the higher scoring area of the track.

M09 - Movie set

Pulleys, gears, and levers are some of the mechanical technologies used to move props to create the special effects for a movie.

Act out the scene by pulling the boat model along.

The camera includes the loop, but not the string

When scoring, the scene line extends vertically from the top to the bottom of the field

M10 - Sound mixer

Mixing different inputs to produce the right balance of sound for the performance is an important task for any show.

Adjust the sound levels in the studio for ideal audio recording.

To score, team equipment may not be touching the sound mixer or sliders at the end of the match.

M11 - Light show

Worm gear technology creates rotation that can enhance the way lights move in a light show.

Trigger the light show on the tower by raising the handles.

If the white pointer rests between zones, you earn points for the higher scoring zone of the two.

M12 - Virtual reality artist

Virtual reality technology can transport an audience into new worlds, making their experience feel real.

Trigger the model repeatedly to create an artistic sculpture.

The loop on the looped water unit may extend out of the water reservoir.

Looped water units in the water reservoir or on red hooks may not be touching team equipment at the end of the match

M13 - Craft creator

Many technologies are used to enable all sorts of great creations to be made anywhere.

Release the creation from the craft machine.

M14 - Audience delivery

There is no show without an audience! We love to share our artistic creations with others.

Deliver the seven audience members to the target destinations.

M15 - Expert delivery

Every type of artistic venue is filled with experts who are just as critical as the artists themselves. What careers would you find interesting?

Deliver the experts to their target destinations.

The expert includes the loop and the base.

M16 - Precision tokens

You begin the match with six precision tokens worth 50 points. If you interrupt the robot outside of home, the referee will remove one token. You earn points for the number of tokens remaining at the end of the match. If the number remaining is:
1: 10 / 2: 15 / 3: 25 / 4: 35 / 5: 50 / 6: 50

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